Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and I should care because?


There is something to say about the celebrity gossip hounds when it comes to Hollywood couples, when you’re happy you’re not interesting.  There is a long list of couples that once they’re about to break up or one of them cheats then you’re reminded that the two people are a couple. The newest couple to fall in that world is now Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. So it is now pop culture news that Twilight star and not that good of an actress Kristen Stewart cheated on her onscreen and real life boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Stewart was caught earlier this month with director Rupert Sanders who was the director of Snow White and the Huntsman which she starred in. There were shows doing polls on whether or not Pattinson should stay with her or let her go as if those votes would really come in consideration by Pattinson as he more so has to deal with the fame aspect of all this more than the actual relationship itself. I figured this was old news and people would have moved on by now, but I was wrong. It could be because the Stewart and Pattinson are a real life couple who play a now married couple in a movie franchise so there lies real drama. Ok I really don’t know why people are so into this story.

So is it safe to say maybe it is better that Bella cheated on Edward with a human? I mean she was in a movie with Thor, yeah Edward is immortal and the new take on vampires in the Twilight saga make them cool but Thor is a God… A God. I’m sure if a God went at a human girl who obviously has issues with human boys because the dudes in her life aren’t normal men, one is a werewolf and her husband is a vampire, a God from another galaxy is some next level shit. Hell maybe Bella is a better actress than anyone thought she was if Edward never knew Bella was looking to break up with him. Yes Bella has gotten with a real human who is married by the way how the marriage of Sanders is affected isn’t being brought up. I’m not a fan of Bella, I don’t think she can act or is hot by any stretch of the imagination. Bella lucked up and got a role in a movie that was a popular book. You throw any chick in her place and the franchise would still have been where it is now. With that said will this turn the diehard Twilight crowd off and the last Twilight movie suffers at the box office? I’m sure nothing will happen because Twilight is truly a phenomenon that no matter how bad the CGI is and how corny the dialogue is the movie will do well at the box office. Plus if what Bella has done does cause the movie to tank or under preform Summit has flirted with the thought of rebooting the franchise and do it all over again soon anyway. In any event I’m not concerned about any of the people involved in this odd celeb love triangle between real mortal human Bella and Edward. This is not news people, carry on with your obviously empty lives.

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