NBC is doing what?

NBC technical difficulties


“We just can’t get the audience for them. They tend to be a little bit more narrow and more sophisticated than you want for a broad audience.”

–        NBC president Robert Greenblatt

I figure its not new news now that the Thursday night lineup NBC has will be gone after next season. I never understood how a network that seems to have nothing but viewer loved comedies can’t find the numbers to back them. The Office and 30 Rock both had to deal with those years NBC was truly in cut back mode and both shows felt the blow, damn Heroes and all the effects needed for that shows first season… Parks And Recreation suffered from being a knock off of The Office most of its first season so many people didn’t even give it a chance at first, yes I’m in that boat. The thing is the show did find its own footing but it just didn’t help rating wise. Then there is Community which I enjoy and have been saying is a good show since the first season.  It doesn’t help matters that things were ify about the return this year.

NBC has also canceled Awake. That must be what NBC specializes in, get shows with an out there premise and good writing, put it out there and then cancel it at some point to tease viewers. I’m lost on why that is, Chuck was saved by Subway and people who love and like the show will admit it is a different show than what it started out as. Again the return of Chuck was less of a NBC thing and more of the viewers who love the show as well as Subway being a major sponsor.

At this point I’m really getting tired of watching good shows that will get the axe while How I Met Your Mother is a hit? What NBC wants is that audience, you know that audience that likes those CBS shows. So how does sophisticated comedy appeal to a “broader” audience? It doesn’t which means if anything NBC will return back to the days of Friends which was nothing new at all and just seem to catch fire at the right time in the 90’s. It’s sad when the President of a network it saying the shows on the network he is running are too smart and or different for the “broader” dumber viewers out there so those shows need to be replaced with dumb shit. You can’t blame NBC it is a network channel not some random but cool cable channel with hidden gems that you luck up and find yourself watching like when I found myself watching The League one night, it was like six shows back to back.

If there is anyone to blame it is network television because cable has so much more to offer and if network television just tried to be bold maybe things would catch on. The problem isn’t these shows aren’t good it boils down to ratings. Many shows have done extremely well due to syndication and a few have even grabbed a second chance because of that, remember Family Guy anyone? NBC is concerned with the now and as of now the more “sophisticated” comedies aren’t gaining traction rating wise. We can blame Hulu and Netflix or the fact that cable channels show those same shows an average of fifteen times in one day, sometimes you’re able to catch the same episode on two different channels. So yeah if I just wait it out my Monday through Friday will have me caught up to speed with one of those NBC shows, more so 30 Rock and The Office. Still it is a sad time when you have to dumb down in order to have people watch your network. So does this mean the Rainn Wilson spin off show will be dumbed down or has the idea been scrapped all together?


One thought on “NBC is doing what?

  1. As I wrote in my last CBS post, the backbone of this network over the last 10 years was built on three basic shows: CSI, Survivor and Two and a Half Men. Their successful shows all essentially came from that.

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