Embarrassing Americans The Gabby Hair “issue”

“I’m like, `I just made history and people are focused on my hair?”

–        Gabby Douglas

Gold medalist, that’s right Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas has controversy that many athletes would love to have in their professional careers. It’s not a behavior issue, drugs, or being labeled a dirty player, it’s her hair looks bad. Yes that is what people are more concerned with, not that she has made history but that her hair looks bad.  Being fair it is the first thing you notice about Gabby Douglas just like you notice many of the Black females in Track and Field look like they’re pissed at the world or how all the Russian athletes look they’re not allowed to show too much emotion.

Is this what happens you become more visible, the focus shifts from your performance to how your hair looks? Glad that Gabby chose to do nothing with her hair and pay the haters no mind. So what were the haters expecting her hair to look like? Should Gabby have her hair like the women in the track and feld events? I’m lost one how hair even became a story.  I know of course people at home, a good portion African Americans, really had shit to say about how Gabby hair looked. But for it to become a story online or something Gabby had to address in London is ridiculous. I mean really in middle of questions about the events she took part in she found herself at some point talking about people who have something to say about her hair.  What is really crazy is her hair is pulled back like all the other girls who competed. So when African Americans are dissing her because of her hair is that a tad bit of self-hate leaking out? If she was dark as hell that would be the issue as well. It’s a shame we’re so superficial that as history has been made the only thing we can do as Americans is give our best Joan Rivers impersonation and attack a hair style, or lack of. The only thing that will be worse than what we’re seeing and hearing now about how Gabby hair looks is when she does the interview rounds once the Olympics are over and the hair stuff becomes part of the interview.  To have a story of shift from the excitement of the Olympics and the joyful feeling of winning Gold to how did you feel when you heard people criticizing your hairdo is something that can happen. I would love to believe that isn’t the case but the news media had become more TMZ and teenage gossip girl these last few years and if it is trending on Twitter of course it must be news.


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