Paul Ryan is the Vice President choice for Romney

Romney and Ryan

Out of the higher listed guys if you listen to news reports this should be a shock that Paul Ryan came away as the Vice President Candidate choice for Romney. How did this happen? For starters he is the man behind the “Ryan Budget” that was talked about last summer. You remember the budget proposal that every Republican seem like they were firmly behind.  Here is a guy who isn’t as on the fence about being conservative as Romney is, he makes it no secret he is for cutting Medicare, clean energy, regulatations that keep our water and air clean. Will Ryan help or hurt Romney is the question. The more facts about him come out the more extreme he could look.  Right now for those independent voters and those who just want a good or better reason to feel Romney would do better than Obama that extreme take on things might not help. Not to sound like I’m inconsiderate to Wisconsin but to paraphrase Romney what’s good for Wisconsin isn’t good for the country.

So far now there is even more finger pointing and still no pointing out a major difference of ideas that will get this country back on track. Both Romney and Ryan are singing the same song where we asked to look around us and see all the problems and note that President Obama is part of that problem. I’m still waiting for the answers to counter all the damage Obama and Bush have done over the last twelve years.  Just being a new group guys trying out the role of President and Vice President isn’t enough to win my vote.

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