NBC dropped the ball with the Olympics


Now that the Summer Olympics or, as NBC was presenting it the “Water Sports Olympics”, are over I can fully be honest… They fucked up. From the opening ceremony to just the coverage of the Olympics in general and the commentary, the damn commentary, things just never clicked to me. I heard and seen a few times I cared to glance at the trending on Twitter about the #NBCFAIL, so I see I’m not alone in that thought. Look I understand the achievement of what Michael Phelps did, hell I wouldn’t have cared if NBC was following his every move as to not miss out on anything but every water sport got the special treatment. Hell even Beach Volleyball made the primetime slot over Boxing. I saw Boxing and Wrestling on the NBC Sports channel. When did any form of Volleyball and Water Polo become more popular than Boxing, Wrestling and Soccer?  I saw all the Soccer games that NBC showed during the morning hours when most people would be working or late at night on the sports channel.  Yes I had more than a problem when it came to what got placed in the NBC primetime slot.

The fact that we as Americans had the results in real time thanks to the news reports to even watch some of the events weren’t even that compelling at all.  Most of the time NBC didn’t even give all the highlights just the ones where the Americans athletes won. That really had to change when the Track & Field portion took center stage as America did good but it wasn’t like we owned those events. It felt like if NBC could get away with not showing certain events where Americans didn’t medal they did  Call it bias, and I’m sure other countries did the same thing, or just chalk it up to NBC feeling people didn’t want to know about every event. So if I knew someone in the Weight Lifting events I’d be shit out of luck, I mean Archery made it on NBC, network television not a cable channel. Was there some poll on what people would want to see in primetime or NBC in general and all the good stuff fell to the waist side? I Mean I didn’t even see a basketball game men or women and I know I didn’t see a Men’s Soccer game at all.  With that said I didn’t go surfing to the other NBC channels either, mostly because I wasn’t prepared for the takeover of all water events… Yes I’m pissed I saw Whitewater Rafting… Yeah exactly, that got primetime over something like say Boxing.

Maybe things will be different when the Summer Games will be held in Rio, I’m hoping so anyway. With Phelps claiming he will not be in those Summer Games maybe NBC will go back to some sports the average person knows not shit Aquaman and Sub-Mariner would love to see. And no I’m not counting Ping Pong which by the way I had no idea there was a doubles event for Ping Pong. Four people hunting for space on that little ass table sounds crazy and looks just as silly.  Maybe we as Americans were really supposed to go online and watch the events we wanted to, I doubt that since NBC is bragging on their ratings. I feel things could have been a lot better


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