Republicans want you to place yourself in Obamas’ shoes

anyone can become the president

I saw an ad on CNN the other days asking what you would do if you were given the chance to be President. The ad went on asking would have you come up with the stimulus package, passed the health care bill while so many Americans were unemployed and all the other things viewed as negative that Obama has done as President.  The ad comes off as if anyone can be President like Obama got lucky, as if being the President is like winning the lottery. The ad really comes off like I and anyone in America can wake up get some campaign cash together, do well in the debates, and have an idea and vision and then become President. It goes on to say he broke his promise and he failed as a President.

What the ad didn’t do however was ask how you as the President would fair against an opposing party that made it very clear from the start to keep you from being successful which in turn would hurt America. It also doesn’t mention the challenge of trying to do something with the economy and making sure no one is left behind. Someone is going to have to be sacrificed and for the most part it is always the poor that fills that role. The ad didn’t mention saving our auto industry and how that could have backfired but it didn’t.  The ad never mentioned that you as President had a few options on the table in terms of what to do with your four years in office. You could spend it fixing the mess left behind, say fuck it and follow through with your ideas and plans or try and do both pretty much like Obama has tried to do. The ad doesn’t bring up the fact that Obama ended two wars and was the one who made the call to go in and get Bin Laden.

This is what politics is about, making you feel like your need, your personal need, is just as big if not bigger than all those around you. You’ve been asked to place yourself as President and then imagine your problem, your personal problem. Not the problems of the country as a whole or not to stop and think about the political process in general in which you have to go by. This feeds into our need to feel like we know what the hell is going on. We as people do it all the time, we Monday quarterback everything and this ad wants to place us in that position. Hell you make a person Mayor for four years and they’d break down because that is a pressure job. You have to keep the people who voted you in happy as well as those with money while still looking out for the middle class and poor people and not ruffle feathers and make waves. Now magnify that by a thousand to being a President who oversees all of our states, has to deal with other countries, and deal with an opposing party gunning for you to make you look bad. I saw some book about Obama, the title was Amateur. Amateur?  The title suggests there are professional classes to take to become a President out there somewhere and those people with their Masters in American Presidency were and have been somehow overlooked. If Obama is having a hard time what makes one think Romney will be better? Bush Jr. didn’t do well and he followed a pretty successful President in Clinton. Anyone thinking beyond their personal issues would really have to wonder would I even want to be President and would I want to be President Obama right now.


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