10 Comic Book movies you may not have known were Comic Book Movies


It’s safe to say to we will be seeing Comic Book movies for years to come, even if DC and Warner flop there is Marvel Studios which has movies lined up for the next three years. Thanks to the success of The Avengers all the films that lead up to that movie people tend to forget all the little movies here and there that were com book movies.  Here is ten flicks people may not have known were comic book movies at all.

    1. Constantine


In 2005 John Constantine was brought to life on film starring Keanu Reeves. What comes off as just a crazy ride with a guy who can see angels and demons and preforms an exorcist in the beginning of the flick. This was a comic book movie. Warner Bros. didn’t push it as a comic book movie at all back then. This was after those Joel Schumacher Batman movies came out and a few months before DC and Warner Bros. major contender in the comic book movies battle Batman Begins was released.

2.  Swamp Thing

In 1982 Wes Craven wrote and directed this film was an ok film from what I can remember of it anyway. The comic books came out in the 70’s and the series saw new life after the film version was released. There was also a cartoon and video game for Swamp Thing, I do not remember either of of those or the sequel movie Return Of The Swamp Thing in 1989.

3.  Howard The Duck

howard the duck

In 1986 a movie of a talking space duck hit theatres. The only thing I remember about this movie besides the theme song and the kiss is that George Lucas had a hand in bringing this to the big screen. This film was fun when I was younger, now that I’m older it is just corny as hell.

4.  RED


In 2010 RED was released and really wasn’t promoted as a comic book movie at all. The premise alone was enough to have e people watch the film. No super powers or costumes in this comic book movie which makes Kick – Ass more of a comic book movie than RED was based off of the short series of the same name.

5.  Wanted


This 2008 film looks nothing like the Comic at all. The superheroes and supervillain aspect gone as well as the fact there are more than one Fraternity. Wanted is a good movie and one that doesn’t get billed as a comic boom movie. I guess without muscles, tights, and a cape people aren’t going to pay attention.

6.  300


Now there are muscles and capes, I guess tights too, sure yeah and tights in 300. This movie doesn’t get the comic book movie treatment because the story of Leonidas and his stand against King Xerxes, so this film was looked at by most as just a nice stylized film by Zack Snyder. This film was an adaptation of the Frank Miller comic of the same name and if you get a chance to read that comic you can see that the main plot of the comic is in the movie almost frame for frame. That is not an insult at all as the film looks good, damn good.

7.  Tank Girl

tank girl

I really didn’t like this 1995 film at all. Could be because it is a British comic or that Tank Girl was played by Lori Petty, who was only good in A League of Their Own and I stand by that comment.  The movie was a mess and just never really was that good. Still it wasn’t like people knew it was a comic book movie and that’s the point it’s on the list.

8.  Tales from the Crypt

tales from the crypt

Before HBO had success with the Cryptkeeper and before the movie in 1972 there was the EC Comics Tales from the Crypt. The movie isn’t that scary and the HBO show really has it over the movie. The 1972 film isn’t billed as a comic book only because if there wasn’t a superhero involved the label “comic book movie” didn’t apply.

9.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Yeah we all know about the cartoons, the pizza eating Turtles or the time traveling ones but the turtles started out as a comic book in 1984. In 1990 due to the popularity of the afterschool cartoon a movie was made so it is natural people figure this to be a movie based off of the cartoon, which it was.

10.  Blade


In 1998 it really wasn’t fashionable to make comic book movies and not many people even knew Blade was a comic book. It just came off like a cool vampire hunter flick with a Black dude being a bad ass (Wesley Snipes).  For me once I found out that Blade was a comic book I jumped on it to see what it was about.

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