Michelle Obama does it AGAIN

Michelle at the DNC

Last night was the first night of The Democrat Convention and it was heavily focus on Women and the military. Where the GOP made it no secret they were focused on trying to convince Hispanic voters they were included in the vision and movement of the Republican Party that kind of mindset was what you got from The Democrats with Women. I swear it started to get old fast hearing the argument of Women’s rights from pay to the right to control their own bodies.  The only non-females besides Kal Penn from Kumar Patel were politicians from what I saw.  I hope this isn’t going to be a running theme for the convention. The odd thing was the little clip where it shows Obama saying how women shouldn’t be a target group or whatever while showing pictures and footage of women at work.

If you made it pass that or even just missed it and were able to catch Michelle Obama speaking you were in for a treat. Her speech was damn near flawless and of course if there will be something that the right will use against Obama from the speech last night, not much though from what I heard last night.  Michelle Obama made the President relatable to the average American.  It was like listening to Bill Cosby, you know the story no matter the race, age, or region. There was a part of her speech where she spoke about her and the President being young in love and debt and the crowd laughed because they been there done that. The struggle of her farther paying for his children’s college was felt by everyone there.

Where Michelle really won me over was the part of the speech where she says she could see how being President was a stressful job to do for her husband.  As she spoke about how Obama makes decisions based off of his experience means so much. In the end one could argue that is the same thing all politicians do and it makes them relatable to the people who voted them in. I think besides Laura Bush there really hasn’t been a down to earth first lady more likeable. To here the behind the scene experience of how being President affects a person had the crowd in the palm of Michelle’s hand.  There was no bad mouthing the other party or real pandering, just telling a story all Americans can relate with. A mother who wants the best for her children, that was she presented herself as, a mother. Nothing to really go against in her speech, again I’m sure Rush Limbaugh and Fox News can find something to pick at in the speech.

As an African American it is sad that the only respectable Black people on television are the first family. If black women on any VH1 or BET show had half the self-respect Michelle Obama has there wouldn’t be any shows for one but if there were they’d be better images of African American females. Michelle Obama should be the template of what a female, wife and mother should be especially in the black community, of course that isn’t the case. I’m not sure how many average African Americans even watched or heard what she said last night. All in all the highlight of last night was Michelle Obama and it will be hard for anyone to top what she said last night. Both candidates could learn a lot from last night.

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