He is the President

obama at dnc

The Republicans and those talking heads on the Sunday news shows love telling the American public President Obama isn’t and hasn’t been running on his record. Well last week it seems that is all the DNC focused on, the Presidents record. Whether it was “Obama Care”, saving the auto industry, bringing our troops home, getting Bin Laden, not starting any new wars or just keeping things from getting worse, someone at the DNC speaking spoke about what Obama has done for this country. Yes the economic situation isn’t better everywhere, but everyone speaking touched on that.

Where Michelle made you feel the passion and conviction of Obama, Biden and Clinton gave you the political view of Obama which was great. Obama speaking for himself was great. The blame game really wasn’t on display, he made sure not to really retread on the same things Clinton and Biden said.  Speaking of Clinton, he truly sold the four more years thing. The speech Clinton gave touched on everything in a commonsense manner from the new level of hate in politics, touching on how  Republicans lost their seats to other more conservative Republicans because they didn’t fall in line with this hate, hate, hate mentality, to just how much Obama had to fix and it wasn’t gonna to happen in four years of this term. All the Democrats speaking last week have one thing right, The Republicans seem behind the times. Everything they’re suggesting is something old and that something old is what got us in the situation we’re in now. You may not like Obama for whatever reason and may think he dropped the ball as President but the fact is Romney and Ryan aren’t coming up with any NEW ideas just presenting old ones in a new way hoping our discontent with Obama will be enough to vote for them instead of the Obama and Biden.

Both parties energized their base during their conventions and if you’re an independent voter you may still be on the fence. If you took the time to watch both conventions and you’re were to lean toward one candidate over the other by way of how the conventions looked then you’d probably go with Obama again. The DNC looked more upbeat and open to all people no matter the race, sex or sexual orientation. Yes both parties were trying to convince the viewing public at home they were inclusive.  You saw the GOP with Latinos and women, the Democrats with women, teachers, blue collar workers, people in the military and gays. The pandering was awkward for both parties but the GOP seem to keep losing ground with females in my opinion as they made sure to keep the conservative crowd happy with pro-life talks.

That was and is the major difference between the two parties right now. One can’t be too open because it is held hostage by a conservative movement.  It may not be a problem for Ryan and other republicans who spoke at the RNC to be so stand offish towards certain people and ideologies but Romney can’t do that, he is going against Obama, someone who seems to do well with everyone except closed minded , non-college educated whites if you listen to CNN. Having Hispanic politicians speak at the RNC doesn’t mean you’ve tapped into what the Latino voters are looking for from a candidate, it means a few Hispanics like African Americans vote Republican.  So far polls show Obama with a lead over Romney and I’m sure once the debates start that lead will increase as long as the whole Romney tax debate doesn’t become a topic of discussion in the debates. If last week was any indicator of how Obama will be from this point on than Romney will really have a hard time with non-Republican voters who aren’t completely pissed off and disappointed with Obama.


2 thoughts on “He is the President

  1. pretty bad when we all know its true….obama is all hat and no cattle. he will say anything. anyone with a braine knew 4 years ago that his economic plan was a fraud. all he cares about is attacking people who pay tax for the benefit of those who already dont.

    • I’ve been paying taxes since 2001 and don’t feel attacked at all. I’m also not in that 1% of people asked to pay an equal share either. The thing as much as the GOP is telling people the people being attacked are job creators even with the tax break they have now no jobs have been generated during this Term or really during the Bush years unless you were looking to profit off the war in the middle east.

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