14 Deadly Secrets

I came across this yesterday. 14 Deadly Secrets from Dj Derezon & Tre The Boy Wonder out in Germany. The two they have posted feature DJ Premier and RZA talking about of course the story behind 14 tracks. DJ Premier didn’t have a biggie track which is upsetting but cool since most Hip Hop Heads already know the story behind the three classics Preem did for Biggie. Hearing bangers that Preem didn’t like the Rakim and M.O.P did like was a surprising move as well as how KRS and Preem hooked up on “MCs Act Like Don’t Know”.  With RZA most stories behind the songs weren’t new shit either but just expanded upon within the small window of time RZA had. The Pun, Shaq and Biggie as well as Cypress Hill secret were dope.  All classic shit and all good to hear the story behind them. Another Friday of that real shit, enjoy.

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