Everything is restored to order

Being that The NFL is so funny with how games are shown on television and then there is the fact I don’t love football, of any kind, enough to just pay to have every game at my fingertips I rely on highlights to get me caught up. I worked Monday night so I saw Twitter and Facebook go crazy about that game changing last call. Saw that play in question the next morning and couldn’t believe how wrong the refs were. The NFL quickly covered their ass and defended the call while getting things straight with the real refs. That call of course wasn’t the first bad call just the worst and what helped make it worst was the fact it was on Monday Night Football. If it had been a Sunday game where some people would have saw it during some halftime or post game highlight it would have been talked about like the Tampa Bay play against the Giants, it would have died down by Tuesday being nothing by game time Thursday night. It wasn’t though, it was a Monday night game, on primetime television.

I did and still do feel bad for the guys that were the replacement refs.  I understand that there is a pressure being a ref for the NFL, NBA NHL and MBL and these guys were under more pressure because the players were treating them like substitute teachers. So much went on that wouldn’t have normally had went on, ok would have went on but would have been stopped right away at the very least. One thing to take away from all this is as average Joes we now know it’s not as easy as it looks to be a ref in the NFL. Those guys were refs for some league somewhere so it isn’t like they don’t know the job or the sport or the rules of the game. It was the pressure, it was the pace, it was being there for real that made it different for them. I’ve heard jokes about how anyone can be refs if those guys are on the field. I’ve heard Stevie Wonder would have gotten that call Monday night right, of course it’s a joke but people really do feel they would have done a better job. In all honestly they were us and as I see it any of us could have been messing things up just as bad.

In the end the real NFL refs should get the names of those guys from that Packers Seahawk game and send them a gift because without that play the Owners would still be sitting around acting like they will be okay without the real refs. Football fans should say thank you for fucking up such an easy call too. With a deal in place I figure we have five years to enjoy good officiating before the thought of this replacement shit happens again.


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