What if D.O.C hadn’t lost his voice?

The D.O.C

As Hip Hop fans we love to talk about top five to ten greatest MCs of all time. One person that gets left off of peoples list, mine included, is D.O.C. Hands down a good chunk of 1989 belonged to D.O.C. Being honest No One Can Do It Better is when I really focused on Dr. Dre as a producer, not the Eazy or NWA albums, hell not even the JJ Fad shit.  No One Can Do It Better was at the time a standalone project for Dre. NWA and Eazy solo work could have easily been one double album but D.O.C debut was just different from beats to just the overall direction and tone of the album.

D.O.C was from Dallas and was in LA kickin it with NWA but his bars were constructed like a New York rapper. I mean the way KRS, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and many rapper would use two to three words to rhyme with one long word or just use more complex words and not the basic shit D.O.C had that in his bars. If he had a chance to go he would have given Ice Cube a run for his money as dopest West Coaster at the time and would have been a problem for the top dogs in general.  D.O.C just had a style that was his own which was cool because as soon as he spoke you knew it was a D.O.C song. He was able to switch the pace of the flow and change topics, again something that wasn’t common with West Coast rappers back then.

D.O.C tale is one that is more of what could have been because when you hear the Dre bars he penned you know the mind was still sharp as hell. Speaking of Dre it is cool that Dre and D.O.C were still tight, not sure how close they are now but back when the Chronic dropped it was cool seeing him in videos.  The West Coast landscape might have looked different if D.O.C was able to continue to kill shit. Who knows if his voice was on point during the Cube NWA feud would Eazy had let D.O.C handle things. Imagine D.O.C responding to ”No Vaseline”. That could have been the West Coast BDP vs. Juice Crew or the Closest we would get to something like Rakim vs. Big Daddy Kane being that Cube was that dude during that time and D.O.C was a beast with the bars. As Hip Hop fans we know local artists who should have made it and had a chance to be heard as well as those artists who did get deals and went under the radar because of higher profile artists of their time were shining so bright other MCs were left in the background. During a period when the door was still wide open for MCs and everyone had their chance to shine D.O.C left his stamp on the game. IF you get a chance to get a hold of his album or just youtube the man you’ll see why he was that dude for a minute in Hip Hop.


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