Who won the first debate?

presidential debate

It’s funny reading tweets and Facebook updates and even Obama had to acknowledge Romney did a lot of talking but never really said anything in detail about his plans. On the social network world I can say most of the people I connect are riding with Obama and when I have read those who agree with the GOP view of things none of their comments sound independent at all. Last night it seems as if many people on the news network declared Romney the winner. Yes he was aggressive and he set the tone and kept Obama off balance most of the night. Even when Obama made a few good to great points Romney came back talking in circles taking back the attention. Maybe I can see why the media jumped on how I guess well Romney came off.

Obama seem to be a bit  baffled at how ready for this Romney was last night. Obama may have been ready for the fact that both parties can talk about numbers and manipulate the facts. All I heard was Obama trying not to come off aggressive but state what he had to say to get his points across. Obama did more talking to the camera than he did really debating Romney. After Obama spoke Romney wanting to speak and have the last word while it seem like Jim Lehrer had to ask if Obama wanted to respond to Romney.

Speaking of Jim Lehrer, it felt as if he was totally pushed to the side by both The President and Romney as they seem to do what they wanted. Obama stated he five seconds left at one point and that five seconds turned to about four minutes.  I could how Romney bullied Jim Lehrer being that he worked for PBS and the GOP wants to get that channel out the way. An hour in I was feeling bad for Jim Lehrer as it seem he wasn’t even needed last night.  There were no real knock out punches by either man but Romney was swinging for the fences, every time he spoke he really wanted to make his point while out talking Obama.

I personally think Obama came across calm and cool a little smug at times as well as pissed , more in the beginning and by the end as you could Obama was tiring of the long winded answers that still said nothing. Romney was aggressive hands down. He was just as smug and even when he came off pissed during the split screen, which I felt wasn’t needed for the whole debate but whatever, he (Romney) still made sure to say the same things. It felt like I was watching Romney  give his best Sarah Palin impression when she was in the Vice Presidential debate in 08’. He stuck with the shit he knew and even when the subject switch Romney pulled the conversation back to what he wanted to talk about. That made Palin look strong four years ago and it has done the same for Romney last night.


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