No autumn in Wyoming?

Autumn snow

October the 6th I woke up to snow. It wasn’t like I was trapped inside or the roads were dangerous, just a light dusting to be honest. It’s crazy the week started warm as hell and cooled off Wednesday and by Saturday Morning there was snow. I was talking to my girl about the leaves changing colors Wednesday and now it’s look at the snow.

I know this isn’t a Wyoming thing because the weather does get strange and has been for a while now and news networks can always bring up a time things went crazy back in the day. I’m just a bit tired of missing out on four seasons, Lately it has been Summer to Winter back to Summer getting one or two weeks of Spring and Fall somewhere along the way.   Yes I miss all four seasons not to mention the fact I have yet to begin to shop for winter clothes. I guess I should be used to strange weather by this time. I’m not at all though, I really find it hard to believe that in a week it goes from around seventy degrees to snow. I guess I should worry when people who have lived here long enough and get the strangeness of the weather start to freak out. For now I will enjoy the beauty of the snow and have to wait on the beauty of autumn


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