Keep it classy Kansas City

matt cassel

I figured once I left KC I wouldn’t have shit to say about the area at all… I was so wrong, Sunday showed the worst of what Kansas City has to offer. Unless you’ve just chosen to not pay attention to what happen Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium, you may be a bit appalled but also able to understand what happened. Starting  Quarterback Matt Cassel was knocked the hell out and the Chief fans cheered. Now some say the cheers were for back up QB Brady Quinn, others say it was because Cassel was injured. I lived in KC and I know for some reason people aren’t really big on Matt Cassel at all. His name comes up in the streets as someone who needs to be traded. Does that give people the right to cheer at a player who has given his best to the team even if the fans feel he isn’t that good?

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel isn’t defending what happened but is defending the fans while Eric Winston had a lot to say in the locker room about what happened after the game. It’s strange how people can shift on things so quickly, Monday people seem to totally agree with what Winston said. As of now it seems more people are looking for Winston to apologize to the fans. What happened in the past few days? Nothing happened other than the fact that the fans pay to come to the games and could easily choose to not show up or boo their own team and that wouldn’t look good for the Chiefs at all. Winston has a point no player deserves that kind of disrespect at all, no matter if they play for your team or not. If it had been a Raven player it still would have been uncalled for. This is the kind of stuff you’d expect to hear about in Philly not Kansas City. It’s a mix of many bad seasons and the fact that people blame Matt Cassel since they can no longer blame the former head coaches that have come and gone since I have been in KC.  Just something that should be chalked up as a heat of the moment situation and the same can go for Eric Winston and his comments. I feel Winston shouldn’t have to say sorry and I’m sure any athlete in professional sports agrees with what he said. Just another wild week in the NFL.

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