No flopping rule

nba player flopping

The NBA is finally going to have a no flopping rule, finally after all this time. It was cool when one to about four players did it, now every player does it at some point. Most of the time the flops are just comical because the player with the ball turns to pass and barely touches the player checking him and that guy just flops. Yes, just windmills his arms and falls on his ass and expects a call to go his way after the poor acting he did. The flop was a work of art and when the right player did it, like Vlade Divac.  When a player did flop it was always against a player everyone knew was aggressive or had a tendency to use his elbows as a weapon. Now if a player backs another player down in the post or does  a spin or shoulder bumps that becomes a  reason to flop and hope for a turnover.

I don’t get how it took so long to do something about this flop epidemic and really don’t understand why the players are against a rule against flopping. I’m sure in a close game when a player decides to flop and the ball is turned over and that other team scores and in the end wins the game that play is the play you would want back. It’s not like a point guard is checking a center on a switch and is bulldozed out the way, that call is understandable if the point guard is willing to try and stop the center.  That isn’t the case though. Most of the time the flop is pulled out at the strangest times, to stop the momentum of team most of the time or when it’s a close game and time is running out. It’s as if that is a defensive play, get to a player and the slightest push he gives flop. So unless that is a play that every coach has in their playbook why would players really be against stop the flop?

Hopefully this will encourage teams to play defense, you know that thing that ruled the 90’s and the first few years of the 200’s when teams like The Detroit Pistons were a threat to be champions. Now there isn’t any defense unless you count the flop, so yeah maybe that is an actual play in the playbooks. Hopefully one player flops I haven’t been big on the NBA in years and this rule isn’t going to change that but it will have me feel better about watching the playoffs now.


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