Movie Madness: Someone please stop Hasbro

hasbro studio

Habro had people scratching their heads when they announced that they wanted another Transformer movie for the sole purpose of selling new toys. Now the toy company wants to make movies of other toy properties they have. You’d think with the way Battleship had tons of poor reviews, the making movies for the sake of selling toys would slow down by Hasbro. Being honest you’d think Paramount Pictures would step in and put an end to the money grab that Hasbro is doing. G. I. Joe has been pushed back until next year and Battle ship was a dud now there are rumors of a Hungry Hungry Hippo, Monopoly and some Uk version of G.I. Joe called Action Man will be films… Yes that is the real name Action Man, it’s like some bad villain or some guy who felt if Superman could work why not Action Man.

If the people at Hasbro were smart they’d get into video games. I mean Nintendo has milked Mario for all it’s worth and still if they (Nintendo) can figure out a new way to market the brand they will. Why not come up with some app for Hungry Hungry Hippo? Toys aren’t really selling well in general, I live with a 6 year old and if he isn’t drawing he is playing video games. I’m not sure he even has toys or board games.  I’m not sure how a movie for such an odd title/game would work. Will the Hippos be the villains or will they be animated? I’m serious at this point about that game becoming a movie.  Playing devils advocate to a small degree, very small degree, are there any Hasbro toys and or games that would work as a movie? Pass Transformers and G.I. Joe it gets tricky. Battleship would have worked if it wasn’t called Battleship and there lies the problem. You would have to find some concept that incorporates enough of the game into the movie while still trying to make the movie entertaining. I’m sure that won’t happen and there will still be movies from some Hasbro properties that don’t include robots that turn into cars and planes or all American heroes that are part of an elite group of international soldiers that will hit the theatres in the future. Who knows I may be wrong and the next Hasbro film may actually be good, dare I say classic… Who am I kidding, it’s Hasbro.

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