20 years of S.O.N.N

S.O.N.N tv logo

Next year will be the 20 year anniversary of S.O.N.N (Souljahs Of Newport News. Yeah it’s my crew and as life has made all of us restructure our priorities we still record here and there and even shoot videos. No, we weren’t big or even signed but thanks to the net we locked shit down and did our thing with shows.  Still, as my man loves to say the music is timeless. We got together and formed S.O.N.N in 1993, so to celebrate the birth of a movement, the crew grew from 3 to who knows really, there were people just screaming S.O.N.N at one point… Real shit, I will review Hip Hop albums released in 93’. I will expand the reviews to other genres but I got to do Hip Hop first. I will also look at how the Wu Tang Clan impact on Hip Hop changed the game. I really don’t do much selfish promotions but I will be uploading links here and there of old and not so old material from my crew.

It’s crazy I was talking to O&O, about how it’s going to be 20 years and we need to do something to get it popping. Just listening to the change of music from then to now is crazy as hell to me.  I realize I’m as Nas said a trapped in the 90’s nigga. Most of the being trapped is because I love music, more so the melody and song writing skills, and you just can’t find that at all unless you go to Country music in my opinion. Many crews have broken up for many reasons and some dudes are doing their thing while others are like us trying juggle living life and still maintaining the artistic freedom in the lab. Again I normally don’t mix my music with my blog but this is a special occasion… 20 years of recording good, real Hip Hop.

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