Thursdasy Review: Justice League Doom


There is always a love to not really liking vibe with the DC animated movies. Not sure why the consistency isn’t there for every film, could be the fact that the movies are short or that people just don’t feel all the voice actors? Whatever the reason people have mentioned it feels like every other movie is a good one.  I figured with all the hype, oh I mean NEW hype about a Justice League movie I figured I should review one of the better DC animated movies.

Justice League Doom is an adaptation of the Tower Of Babel story in the comics from 2001 by Mark Waid. With much tweaking to have it fit the movie world, I’m guessing here because I feel that if they used the comic book story completely it would have still been great, it differs from the comic book in many ways. First off its Vandal Savage not Ra’s al Ghul who comes up with the plan. Instead of henchmen there are real villains going up against The Justice League. Another major change is the League members themselves, in the comic there is Aquaman, Plastic Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Batman. There is no Aquaman and Plastic Man and the Green Lantern here isn’t Kyle but Hal Jordan. The one great thing is the fact that the voice actors cast from the DC animated Justice League cartoon series. Unlike most of the movies DC Animation has done that was taken from a comic book this movie doesn’t try to recreate the style of drawing the comic book has. Justice League Doom makes one want to see those Justice League cartoon brought back, not saying that Young Justice sucks because it doesn’t just would like to have Justice League Unlimited back on the air.

The main plot is the same as the comics, Batman has a secret file that is stolen and that file contains ways to defeat his fellow Justice Leaguers. Justice League Doom shows just how smart and paranoid Batman is. The fact he has no super powers helps in all that paranoia too. The main tweak is that each hero goes up against a villain from their rouge gallery. Batman has Bane, Wonder Woman had Cheetah, Superman has Metallo, The Flash has The Mirror Master, Green Lantern has Star Sapphire and Martian Manhunter has Ma’alefa’ak. This is cool because it makes sense that these villains should be the ones to get in each heroes path.

The best part of the movie is seeing each trap play out against the Justice League members. The cuts are timed just right and each scene is heightened because of that. Things kick into gear once Batman realizes what has happened. The break down of Batman countering his own traps is great and then the reaction to his plans are even better. Out of all of the members of the League Green Lantern is the one who speaks on Batman’s behalf first, and they aren’t the best of friends by any means. Of course the good guys win and the world is safe as the team comes together stronger than ever. Unlike most DC Animated movies this movie didn’t come off incomplete at all. Whatever they did for doom they should continue to do from here on out, I say this knowing that a few movies have been released after this one, I will check them out too. All in all this was a great movie better than a few others I’ve come across in the past.

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