Occupy the polls this year


It’s strange the whole Occupy movement has somehow died or become an underground movement. Now more than ever is when it needs to come back to the surface. There was a lot of discussion about what was next for the Occupy movement. Some were thinking protesting polling places, other people were saying not to even do that and skip being apart of the voting process. Don’t vote? Yeah, that will help your cause out. The republican base has stood behind Romney this whole time. If the theories the talking heads have are right young college educated and white people, Latinos and females in general are a key demographic for Obama. Yes to say it’s only college educated white people that attended the Occupy protests is downplaying how big this really is and how much is broken in this country. The fact remains though when you speak of this movement it’s not focused on those not in colleges or not white and definitely not older people.

This is the key difference between the Occupy movement and The Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement was build from fear and hatred and became a extreme conservative division of the republican party, no matter how much CNN and NPR asked if it would be a third party, they stuck with the GOP. The Occupy movement has no party attached to them and both parties have tried to reach out via the media. Ron Paul shouted them out at a primary debate and nothing happened. Obama mentioned them around the same time and again nothing happened .  This is not about a party and that’s the good thing. Everything the The Tea Party Movement claimed it was about the Occupy movement is or was depending if it is even still around. It’s really about the people, all people no matter race, sex, sexual preference or class status.  Some places were protesting for jobs and others some sense of equality. The local issues where you are wouldn’t be an issue somewhere else, there was no one leader or group of leaders for that fact and that made it hard to do anything as far as the media was concerned. The media likes to have a spokesman, someone to be the face of the movement and make the rounds to give it creditability. But there wasn’t any one person you could go to at a local occupy protest and talk to, you always had different people there for different reasons with one constant fact and that is something needs to change. The system is broken. That doesn’t transfer well with the media and it’s why the Occupy movement was left in the past so easy.

Here’s something that should happen and it should start from the local level and move up to the top level, vote. Don’t vote for a Democrat or Republican vote Independently. Right now it’s not just those who were outside protesting for either The Tea Party or Occupy that feels Washington has dropped the ball and is just content with kicking it around, all Americans feel that way. The blame game and holding programs as hostages until the Presidential and Mid term elections need to stop. The best way to do this is get people willing to work within Washington who aren’t tied down to a party and the ideology that comes with them. I really mean this too, not even those conservative Democrats or modern Republicans either. To me that has always meant those politicians know where they are and know to stay in office they have to compromise, It’s why Mitt Romney is being called a flip flopper. Yes go out and vote but find those running on what you stand for, the same way locally people had come together to protest, get together to spread the word there is someone who is speaking for your issues or at the least close to what you believe in. Someone who is willing to work for on the behalf of the people and not a party is running for office in some manner. Trust me no matter who wins next month it’s only going to get worst. We as a people vote the right people in and something will happen. Like I said many people who consider themselves Republican or Democrat are tired of the finger pointing that has done nothing but placed us in a chess match that keeps coming up stalemate. So nothing gets done and hasn’t really been done since Bush last two years in office. People if we want change let us start there and get these politicians willing to not cross party lines out of Washington and at the same time hope to erase those lines.

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