George Lucas did what???

Lucas and Mickey

Just off the top of my head I will admit I’m not for this  news that made headlines yesterday  George Lucas sold his Lucasfilms to Disney for over 4 billion dollars. The main question is why?  Lucas owns, used to own, a franchise that even as he goes back and tinker with it, it still seems to hold up well by the sells the releases generate, and that franchise is Star Wars. Now Disney owns Marvel and the Star Wars franchise as well as Indiana Jones.  It is reported that Lucas wants to go back to being a student As if that’s impossible while owning his films.

I for one get the bitter sweet feeling of the news and still hate the fact that it has happened.  It can be said Lucas is running the iconic Star Wars franchise in the ground with no new films and a cartoon that isn’t exactly good. The criticism Lucas got was never about the fact he wanted to do more films to continue the legacy or even the going back and adding shit to the original films, it’s the fact Lucas has really never done much past Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  If there was more to judge Lucas by then this wouldn’t look so foul, yes I think this whole sale has something to with the fact all Lucas has is Star Wars. Being honest I blame a good portion of this deal on Red Tails… Yes I said it. Look Lucas had to battle the big boys to get Red Tails out there, he lost, in turn he put his own money into the film from film budget to marketing. Then add the fact the film was somewhat panned by the critics and people didn’t check for it in theaters  they’re not even checking for it on DVD, hell I don’t even know if the film is out on Blu-ray and DVD and that’s my point… People really didn’t care about the film, even African Americans. The deal with Disney feels like an if you can’t beat em join em type of deal.

So now Disney owns Two classic properties and things can only get worst. The news is there will be a Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 with the first film coming out in 2015. Giving how bad Disney fucked up John Carter one would think it really isn’t a good idea for Disney to be trying to continue the franchise.  The bright side is if any company knows how to milk the fuck out of old films it is Disney… How many for a  limited time out of the vault films have Disney re-mastered?  Hopefully this move works out for a franchise that doesn’t need new films but it would be nice to see something that expands the story and mytho of Star Wars.



One thought on “George Lucas did what???

  1. Lucas has been looking to get out of Lucasfilm for the past 5-6 years with an eye to making smaller, more personal films. He started talking to Disney about having the studio acquire his company last year.

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