How do you postpone a season opener at home?

Knicks vs. Nets

First off I get that New York has it bad right now, I totally get that, trust me I do. What I don’t get is the way people are saying the game between The New York Knicks and  the now Brooklyn Nets is postponed as if both teams will not play a game at all until they play The Knicks at the Barclays Center. The news says it as if basketball is like baseball meaning that when a game is rained out the next game , which most of the time is played against the same team because the MLB has it where the teams play two to four games in a row, can happen the next  good day as a double header. The Nets next two games are at home Saturday and Monday. The Knicks have two home games Friday and Sunday. So when will this game be played, I know not in the near future?  I understand the reasoning this game was a big deal its because now New York has two NBA teams and the season opener for both was supposed to be today in New York.  You can’t give that back to the fans in New York at all, it may never happen again for a while unless the NBA makes that the first game for both teams next year.

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