Is this election year not as urgent as the last one?

ballot box

Maybe it’s because I’m in Wyoming and this is a red state and that Republican strong hold isn’t going to change but from here it doesn’t seem that people are really looking to make a decision between Obama and Romney. People aren’t sold on Romney and they feel Obama failed to do anything this term so he doesn’t deserve a second term. The republican base seems to be more anti Obama more than pro Romney and that seems to be how the polls look. I’m sure Romney wouldn’t care, could be why as fast as he had shit to say about Obama plans, which have been tried and depending on where you live failed, Romney hasn’t truly laid out his plan in full. That alone causes me to raise a red flag when the guy running for President is unwilling to lay his plan out that is supposed to help rebuild the Middle class and bring jobs back to American workers.

I’ve seen more people on Facebook and Twitter talking about how they did the early voting thing but I haven’t seen those get out and ads you’d see on MTV and VH1 or any channel where there are young viewers who are old enough to vote.  Is this election really being boiled down to vote for the lesser of two evils or are some people really considering not voting at all? I’m sure that is an independent voter way of thinking because those who vote Republican are going to come out and make sure the same thing doesn’t happen twice. The youth isn’t excited about Obama and as I feared before with the last election it was cool to vote for the black guy… Now that cool guy is now part of the establishment and the younger voters are worried about jobs and their parents are blaming Obama for the lack of jobs which as an unemployed young person it would be easy to follow that way thinking. Those same young voters aren’t cool with the flip flopping Romney is doing and they’re still old enough to remember that it was Bush and the GOP layout that caused the downward spiral and everything Romney and Ryan are proposing sounds like the same old same old. It’s hard to figure out who will win the election and even harder to figure who will make the next four not hurt as bad because that’s really what is all about, not feeling the same pressures these next few years like we have the last five. That kind of thinking makes voting more of a burden than a duty to have your voice and voted counted.

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