Sunday Soul Session: R. Kelly The Remixes


R. Kelly is the man and he was that dude in the mid 90’s. It wasn’t classic albums but the remixes to his joints became just as popular as the album version, so much so that he had videos for a few of his remxes. This is the first of two mixes dedicated to Robert, the other will be of songs he produced when he was in high demand as a producer. As always click here and enjoy.

  1. Fiesta Remix feat. Jay – Z, Boo & Gotti
  2. Gotham City remix
  3. Down Low remix
  4. Bump & Grind remix
  5. Sex Me part 2 remix
  6. Your Body’s Calling remix
  7.  Ghettout part 2 – Changing Faces Feat. R. Kelly remix
  8. I can’t Sleep (I If) remix
  9. Aailayah feat. R. Kelly – At Your Best remix
  10. Kelly Price feat. Ronald Isley & R. Kelly – Friend Of Mine remix
  11. I Wish remix

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