A week later

Obama re-elected

President Obama gets re elected last week and now has to face the drama of the fiscal budget. To be honest the President has had a hard job made harder by the Republicans who vowed to make Obama a “One Term” President. That didn’t happen so now what? In the words of John Boehner, who put it so boldly after the 2010 midterm elections, “The people Have Spoken”. Yes they have and they have said Obama should have a second term. So where does this leave us as a country as of now is the question?

I know it may be smug of Obama to do a live televised meeting with Republicans but that is what he needs to do. Both sides need to come to some understanding in from of the American people. As much as it is the fault of the GOP for not wanting to work with Obama it is too the of Obama for not wanting to completely work with the GOP. Yes a lot , well most of the ideas they were throwing around were to have Obama dismiss them, but that was first term Obama. Now is the time to close the book on that kind of divides and blame game. Obama beat Romney, he has four more years, to make him look bad now will make it even harder for the next person who becomes President. Plus now that the American people see that the GOP are willing to play such games with American lives the midterm could look different in two years as well. Both parties need to come together and start the ball rolling on some solutions. The fiscal cliff is a perfect chance to see how both parties will react.

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