RSIEH: KRS One Disaster Kit


If there is one negative to KRS One it would be he gets too preachy, yeah I’m saying that and? There are times where you know the song is completely heavy on the message tip but then the reality check kicks in, KRS has always been heavy handed with his messages. The problem is today in Hip Hop no one wants to hear a message in a song of any genre. There isn’t a big difference between “Disaster Kit” and “Why Is That” or “Black Cop” or “Self Destruction”. The problem is the brand of Hip Hop KRS is known for giving and continues to give is so out of touch with the average Hip Hop fan today, so much so  that even to someone such as myself can find it a bit pushy. The thing is KRS One still has skills and to keep a person’s attention for however long the length of the song while teaching them is still a gift.  Not only do you get a message you also get skills, KRS still throws lyrics together in a unique manner while still somehow seeming simple to the casual listener.

“Disaster Kit” comes at a time when New Yorkers were and will be faced with Hurricanes and crazy snow storms. The song is truly a line for line Public Service Announcement that no organization is paying for as far as I know. The song breaks down what to do in detail. Of course he could have just went somewhere and said all this and people might have listened but to make this a song is not just artistic, but ballsy. Hip Hop is so one sided now, anything left of ass, cars, cash, drugs and looking like a tough sissy is NOT Hip Hop right now. I’m not sure BET is playing this video but they should be, the radio stations should be. Music used to be the source of relaying messages and the message of be prepared for disaster should be heard and seen. Anyway enough of me standing on the soapbox, KRS One is still in a class of his own and this songs is another reason why.

Whether I like or no, we gonn survive that,

Food, clothes and shelter, we gonn find that

When you hear this sound, you know that I’m back

Hey, it’s where I put your mind at

When that disaster hit, don’t you get trapped in it

You must always stay prepared with your disaster kit

In the club you might be drunk and you may laugh a bit

But when you sober up you know it hits what you have to get

Stay prepared, never be fear for no evil scared

These natural disaster, cannot be compared

So rise and realize you will survive

In the mean time prepare yourself with these supplies

Get coils of rope and coils of wire, in a water proof container

Put all your fire, like matches and candles, and don’t wear sandals

Get some hard boots and work gloves to handle

The situation, cause when disaster hits the nation

You and your family gonn need your medication

Antibiotics, aspirins, don chronic

Even health foods like vitamins and garlic

Pain relievers, inhalers and breathes

And make sure you got something that can take down a fever

A spray bottle of water, with 10% bleach

So you can disinfect the objects you reach

And speaking of bleach, here’s what I teach

Don’t think that you can drink the water from the beach

You gonn have to drink that water from your hood

And purify the water to make sure it’s all good

Put things in order

Put 8 drops of pure unscented liquor bleach

Into the water, use only 8 drops for every 1 gallon you working

You’ll need about 5 gallons a person

With no water, things could get lethal

It’s dehydration, not starvation that kills people

So look for the water first, don’t be robbing and looting and stealing and killing

That will only make this worse

Be smart, plan ahead, save some cash, a radio, some gas

And some blow up beds

Keep your disaster kits, high on the shelf

With your weapons, you might have to defend yourself

Get a flash light, chemical light sticks and whole that

A compass, some dry food, maybe a road map

Don’t forget things like …listerine, bandages and antihistamine

Like … so when things get ill, you will survive

Cause you really got skill

You opened your eyes

After you got through your list of supplies

Check your attitude, know that you gonna survive

Whether I like or no, we gonn survive that,

Food, clothes and shelter, we gonn find that

When you hear this sound, you know that I’m back

Hey, it’s where I put your mind at


2 thoughts on “RSIEH: KRS One Disaster Kit

  1. Call me an old grump, but I look back fondly at the day when rap was about something more than getting those dollar dollar bills, y’all, slappin’ bitchez and killin’ niggaz. That fake-ass, bourgeois, superficial crap makes my teeth ache.

    KRS-One was never one of my favorite rappers because he wanted to preach as much as teach, but I appreciated the brother then and now for not selling out or going soft. KRS-One is still true to the game and I wish there were more brothers following his lead.

    But rap is all about short-term gratification and shorter memories. That’s sad.

    • So true about he rappers not stepping up to address anything. The last two elections saw no hot for the moment rappers saying anything or even making a song about where we are in America. I’m so glad I’m not a young teen or even in my early 20’s because it means I would have grown up in this world where it’s better to be over sexed and under educated type of platform Hip Hop is and has been for awhile

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