R.I.P Isaak Sirko

Isaak Sirko

So I have been caught up on Dexter just to find that  Isaak Sirko was killed off.  In a time where every bad guy/ villain/ nemesis has to be some crazy psycho giving their best Heath Ledger Joker-esque character impression, it was refreshing to see Isaak Sirko. The  psycho of pure evil has been something that has come into play since The Dark Knight was released  and like many other trends from Nolan The Batman Trilogy this one won’t go away anytime soon. It’s why it was refreshing to see Isaak Sirko, there was an oldschool Bond Villain type vibe about him, ok might have been the accent, still he was a smooth calm dude and still a killing machine.

From the first time that Dexter and Isaak met in the strip club there was a connection. The interaction between the two was good when they would get to have conversations. There was a respect and fear for one another that fueled their feud. The conversations between two seem to always help Dexter deal with what he was dealing with in life. Things turned once Dexter caught up with Isaak at the gay bar. At that moment both men could have walked away and all would have been settled, there was an understanding of vengeance for a loved one that Dexter understood first hand and Isaak found that out and the respect for Dexter as a man grew from there .  Watching Isaaks’ intrigue about what drives Dexter to kill was interesting because he knew there was more than just the thrill and blood lust that consumed Dexter. You add that to the coldness Dexter has, or had since I haven’t seen the episode from lastnight, was something Isaak respected yet was somewhat appalled by. The loss loved ones was a pain that somehow made the two men close.

It is rare to see two enemies have such a calm and intimate connection in television and movies. The bond between Dexter and Isaak was almost a Professor Xavier and Magneto type of love hate relationship. I know some people aren’t happy with this season of Dexter and to be honest Isaak Sirko was the highlight to me. Even the realization that Dexter has of a deal being kept as he and Isaak kill off the two men after Isaak was a cool thing. The ending was fitting for Isaak, meaning his last moments would be spent with Dexter out to sea being placed with where his lover Viktor. Even that conversation was needed for both men as Dexter came away feeling he could be who he is with Hannah and Isaak got the answer about why Dexter kills.  It was a fun ride watching the strange relationship between the two men from beginning to the end, wish there were more like that.


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