Embarrassing Americans: Elves need love too.


I guess it’s slow somewhere for mothers, I guess they’ve loaded up on Black Friday and the Motherly thing is to defend little people, I hope I said that right. I love how people make everything a big deal, a twenty second quick witted comments overshadowed a whole fucking commercial… How? How did this become offensive to people, do they know elves, did some elves take offense to the commercial, did Santa say pull the add or I will let the kids know the truth? What the fuck happened?

It would be easy to say its Christians and I know some people are saying that already, but if it is that group shouldn’t they be happy? Let’s be real Christmas is not what it once was, I mean even the Biblical movies are in short demand at this time of the year. Would the Romans really be cool with all the fat guy in a red outfit sneaking in homes to give children a gift? If anything shouldn’t these parents be somewhere spreading what this time of the year really means? I mean if any group protested the commercialization of Christmas would that be worth the news?  That is what I would love to see in today’s world, a group protesting outside of an Apple Store, Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Instead there is some odd fight on behalf of made up beings, I’m sure no children are reading this so I’m not killing dreams.

Some people say this is attack on gay & lesbians… This is the battle to choose? I guess the marriage and adoption battles are totally not going in the favor of the far right so to throw elves in the middle of it will make sense. I’ve even read people saying she (Ellen DeGeneres) is a hypocrite for making jokes about little people because she is a lesbian.  First off she is a comedian, second elves aren’t real, third those men are actors and I’m sure they got the joke. Here is something is strange speaking of the men in the elves suits, why aren’t there little people out here flipping out about this? I mean fuck between this The Wizard OZ and Snow White little people aren’t really on anyone’s radar.  This is just something else useless to complain about and the media loves to have the far right pull the soapboxes out, it’s news and just funny to see the shit that they think is important to all Americans.  This isn’t news, please let this shit go before we start hearing that there are people taking offense to old song about big round bowel of jelly belly Santa.


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