Day 1 of what I thought was hot this year 2012

It’s that time of the year again and since we survived the end of the world I figure why not carry on with what i had plaed, glad I paid all my bills and didn’t go postal at work like i planned on doing.

Hip Hop Album: DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles: The Kolexxxion


One highlight this year was seeing a project with DJ Premier come out. The Kolexxxion featured Bumpy Knuckles going in on every track from start to finish of this album. The way Bumpy chose certain beats and handled them well was truly a pleasant surprise. Two vets that brought real Hip Hop back this year was really needed. Both men still have it and to hear a follow up to The Kolexxxion is all I’m waiting for.


Hip Hop Song of the year: Slaughterhouse: Truth Or Truth
Who would have thought a fifteen minute song would keep the attention of listeners in a time where most people can barely hold a conversation on the same topic longer than five minutes. Truth Or Truth is classic as all four members of the super group Slaughterhouse gave us a look into their lives. Of course this isn’t anything new for Joe Budden but to hear Joel Ortiz go there is still something cool to hear. I can honestly say I’ve never heard the actual Rick Ross song the instrumental is from but I’m more than sure Ricky Ross didn’t kill it like these four brothers did.

Non Hip Hop Album: Passion Pit: Gossamer


I’m not about Pop music but Electro Pop is another subject entirely. I’m a fan of Passion Pit, been one since Manner. Gossamer isn’t as good as Manners but it still a crazy wild ride of music. One good thing is I’m not mistaking Michael Angelakos for a female at all this time. There are just enough chances taken on Gossamer that still keep it sounding fresh, and having “Take A Walk” used for some phone or car ad is cool too.


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