Day 2 of what I thought was hot this year

Hip Hop Album: Nas: Life Is Good

nas life is good

From the point “Nasty” hit the scene people were waiting for Life Is Good and once “Loco Motive” featuring Large Professor produced by No ID, yeah that production credit was really up for debate at one point because the Chicago Producer captured Large Professors sound almost better than Large Pro. What makes Life Is Good, great and even up for debate as a classic is the lost art of keeping it real with being open about life as well as having a theme, a concept…. No hustling and wanting to fuck big booty stripper isn’t a concept. Whether it is “Daughters” or “Bye Bye Baby” there is something to respect about listening to Life Is Good.


Hip Hop Song: DJ Khaled : Hip Hop feat. Nas & Scarface

I remember when this song hit and the only bad guy was DJ Premier for putting the scratches at the end. Not sure how the MCs got a pass for working wit DJ Khaled but I kinda do, that isn’t the point though. First off the beat isn’t the best thing or even close to a good thing, it’s all about the lyrics. Face and Nas truly make this track what it is and when you see the making of video and watch how real MCs respect one another you see Scarface go ape shit over a quote from Nas. Of course I haven’t and I have no intention on listening to an album from DJ Khaled but this is a great song.

Non Hip Hop Album: Cathy Jordan: All the Way Home

Cathy Jordan all the way home

There is something soothing about Celtic music, well for me it is a relaxing music, and I can’t relax to old Public Enemy and M.O.P albums anymore, it makes me want to beat the shit out of people I really don’t like. One thing I will say about Celtic music is most of the shit sounds the same to me and there are times where I have no idea which chick is singing what song because the reverb on the vocals and just sound of the over all songs all sound the same. With all that said I do like All the Way Home by Cathy Jordan. Now there is a turning point to All The Way Home that gets a bit folksy, but it helps me know the mood shifted on the album and I’m not mad at the direction at all. The first half of the album plays like melodic calming, more new wave almost and then you really can hear Jordan as all the air and strings are gone and it’s her and a guitar that takes center stage. If you know me you know I listen to everything and if it catches my ear i will ride with it and “All The Home” made me cop the album of the same name.

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