Day 3 of what I thought was hot this year 2012

Hip Hop Album: Common: The Dreamer The Believer

Common The Dreamer The Believer

This album dropped early this year and the only thing anyone remembers about it is that is it the reason Common and Drake were beefing for a minute. I will be the first to admit this isn’t Be but it the second best album since Common has linked with Kanye. To be honest musically I could hear Kanye over a few of these, fucking the song up, but still some of this sound like what Kanye would rock with. The Dreamer The Believer solely rests on Common to make it work with his lyrics and he does fine because he’s Common. This album could easily come off like a sequel to Electric Circus just a bit more soulful, I for one liked Electric Circus so I’m in the minority out the gate.

Non Hip Hop Song: KRS-One: Disaster Kit

After Hurricane Sandy hit New York KRS One dropped Disaster Kit. This song is nothing more than step by step layout on how to survive after a disaster. I’ve always said we need more of this in Hip Hop, a current event popped off, a MC spoke about it. It would be only right that KRS would do this because he is Hip Hop and no one represents New York as an artist harder than KRS.

Non Hip Hop Album: Walk the Moon: Walk the Moon

Walk The Moon cover

In an effort to not deal with the same ol same that radio feeds listeners as music, you know the a string vocals first verse then the beat comes in and it’s like singers are yellinbg the hook and the calm comes back in to conclude the song just sounds basic as fuck…. You know that shit? Yeah I try to avoid it. So, I end up listening to alternative rock and pop rock to get something different. Which brings me to Walk The Moon, I know a long drawn out build up. “I Want! I Want!” is what caught my attention and I liked what I have heard from them so far. It’s a fun ride that sounds like it should be the backdrop almost any show on MTV but MTV doesn’t know good music anymore. I guess the 80‘s are back in the alternative rock game which isn’t a thing at all.

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