Day 4 of what i thought was hot this year 2012

Hip Hop Album: Apollo Brown and OC: Trophies

Trophies cover

OC is like a One Hit Wonder but more like say Keith Murray, he had one good classic single and a memorable debut album. Fuck Jewelz is the album people really remember. He had Rocafella wanting him to get down around the same time as the D.I.T.C crew. OC has drop soiled albums since then and has always maintained his grip on Hip Hop. Trophies has OC teaming up with Apollo Brown for a almost flawless album, fuck it, it is flawless. The Soulful beats in the back as OC shows how a seasoned vet should spit is all this album is about. Nothing fancy nothing added for the sake of trying to gain outside fans, it’s just one MC one Producer one great album.

Hip Hop Single: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson feat. Torae: Potatoes

Dice Game is a good album and to be real I rock this because it just gives me that same feeling I got when i heard “Stomp” the first time. Guilty Simpson has always been that dude to check for since I heard “Baby” and Apollo Brown is that dude right now. Two ill MCs ands a soulful ass beat that go hard is always needed in Hip Hop.

Non Hip Hop Album: Ledisi: Pieces Of Me


Overlooking the corny album, yeah I get it, did it before myself and it was corny on a CD cover of my shit, Pieces Of Me is a nice album. Despite the title track still coming off unbalanced to me when I hear it and “Bravo” not adding much to things the album is still good. It gives that certain vibe that reminds me of the 90‘s and that whole Neo Soul movement. Just hear real singing and good background singing is nice. VH1 Soul loves Ledisi and you can hear why, she has always been someone to check for and this album follows that streak.

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