Day 5 of what i thought was hot this year 2012

Hip Hop Album: Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d city

Kendrick Lamar album cover

My man O&O put me on to Kendrick Lamar when not many people were even checking for the dude. I remember seeing him on the BET Hip Hop cypher where everyone in the cypher Kendrick Lamar was in had a similar flow he still stood out. OF course since then with Dre and the whole industry on his side, a major record deal and his core fans Kendrick dropped a some say classic album. This is one of the more out there, strange wise, and better albums. A few people who thought you could Kendrick with the Drakes, and all the other ass artists found themselves not liking anything but the shit that sounds like what you’d hear on the radio. The album is creative and has just enough “something” to make it stand alone. You add that to fact Kendrick can spit and that is reason alone enough for me to ride with this album.

Hip Hop song: Saigon: Blown Away

I will say it now, no I didn’t get The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2 yet. I have heard a few songs here and there and “Blown Away” was a banger to me. The message is simple, good people die first, to try and uplift people is a job that can cost you your life. The song had me think Dead Prez all the way. Saigon has single handedly siad the game is fucked up all this year while others who feel the same chose to be PC about their comments. This song is some throwback shit and yeah that may be why i like it but it still is a great song.

Non Hip Hop Album: Will Downing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Will Downing Today cover

First off there are three differnt EPs, yes EPs, there are four songs on each and each EP is sold like an album, someone truly knows his fans will pay that price. This Will Downing at his best, the first two are great, Tomorrow seems to be running on fumes. You can’t and shouldn’t listen to just one or even two of these EPs, you need them all to get the vibe of what is happening and also make it worth it money wise. Will Downing is a consistent artist and it is always cool to hear his latest material… Good music never gets old.


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