Day 6 of what i thought was hot this year 2012

Hip Hop Album: Skyzoo: A Dream Deferred

A dream deferred

Skyzoo is a ill MC, hands down there is no question about that. When it comes to the hooks on A Dream Deferred aren’t the best but the bars are crazy. Even when Skyzoo does his thing over the same beats that the average rapper out now does theirs and even using that style, he makes it dope. To be honest the sound of A Dream Deferred isn’t an all 9th Wonder affair or even a sample heavy album. There are songs that have surprised me for no other reason than because it is coming from Skyzoo. A Dream Deferred is truly a growth of an artist that is an extension of Salvation, by the way cop that shit too.

Hip Hop Song: Sean Price: Bar barian

Sean P is that dude, you already know I think Sean Price is sick as fuck. You get Sean over a beat by The Alchemist and you get a gutter ass banger. No hook, it’s Sean Price why would you expect a hook. He kills shit from the opening bar and hearing the vocal in the sample weaves in with how Sean Price spits make it just something crazy.

Non Hip Hop Album: R’ Kelly: Write Me back

write back

R. Kelly did a follow up to his dope Love Letter entitled Write Me Back. I said it in my review R. Kelly truly is a student of music, don’t believe look at the “Feeling Single” video and the way it breaks down and he goes all Broadway with the song. Pass that the cool thing is the guessing what artist influenced what song. Some are dead on the like Smokey, Stevie and that damn Michael Jackson joint “You Are My World”, which would have put MJ back in people’s mind. Write Me Back may not have done good as Love Letter because you can’t lightning in a bottle twice. This album is a different vibe all together though and it shows that if artist were to go back to singing real songs it could work.

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