Day 7 of what I thought was hot this year 2012

Hip Hop Album: Large Professor: Professor @ Large

Professor @ Large cover

Large Pro is one the type of artist that come out when he feels it, He had the world waiting forever for 1st Class. As one of Hip Hops best producers in the game its always cool to hear him on anything production wise. Professor @ Large is straight Hip Hop, Boom Bap at its finest. Even when there are songs that you’re not feeling like “Live Again” the beat is so crazy that you overlook the rhyme. Nothing weak about Professor @ Large at all and it’s cool that Large Professor still drops that heat.

Hip Hop Sing: T.I. ft. Andre 3000: Sorry

Been awhile since I even fucked with T.I. and I always thought he was one of the real spitters down south. So when you hear that Dre 3000 and T.I. are connected on a track it automatically has me want to peep it. It is crazy when artists, well Hip Hop artists, drop more mature music, people start to hate shit all of sudden. T.I. isn’t the same dude that was the “rubberband man” when he first made his mark. That shows on this song and it’s cool that there is something different out there from the south right now.

Non Hip Hop Song: Faith Evans: R&B Divas
R&B Divas
First off let me say this right now, this is what Mary J. should be doing. Whether it is just showing up on projects like this or being the one to put them together, Mary J. should be doing this kind of shit, but she is still trying to stay in the “Urban Radio” mix so fuck it. R&B Divas isn’t classic at all and it its a standout because the game is so fucked up right now that to hear women sing and sing about life over real music is so rare that this just makes a person who loves music ride with it. Some of these chicks have just disappeared from the music scene and others don’t look like the person you remember. I have never seen nor heard of the show until I read reviews about the album. The album is great, the fact that women still respect themselves in songs is great… It is sad that this kind of music is vintage now.


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