Day 8 of what I thought was hot this year

Hip Hop Album: Lil Fame & Termanology: Fizzyology

Lil Fame & Termanology = Fizzyology

For some reason I really never thought Termanology would be able to ride with Fame on a album, I mean any member of M.O.P makes the energy level high as fuck. Once you get past that train of thought you can give the album a try. I never was big on Termanology, not saying he isn’t ill just saying I always wonder could I listen to a whole from him. What Fizzyology does is make the humor Lil Fame shows off less awkward since his partner doesn’t go as hard as Billy Danze, plus Term says slick shit too so its all balanced out. The beats are made for both dudes, some go hard as fuck others are mellow to allow Term shine. Fizzyology was a surprise banger.


Hip Hop Song: Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Rapsody: Get Together

Murs on this song says this is the last album… I’m not completely feeling the The Final Adventure, see the title says it too, there will be no more Murs and 9th albums… Damn Anyway this is truly them at their finest, it reminds you of why the North Carolina and Cali connect worked from the start. You add Rapsody, who has gotten better and has a tad bit of a Jean Grae to her flow, in the mix and it’s a dope song. The line about being the closest thing to Preem and Guru was on point to. Dope track on a tight album.

Non Hip Hop Album: Ragan Whiteside: Evolve

Ragan Whiteside evolve

Well first off Ragan Whiteside is a flautist, just wanted to say and read that word. A good portion of Evolve sounds like something from the 90‘s, all I could think of was how the music sounds dated. Now that the bad is out the way, the good is that album is on point. “ Eight Thirty Seven” reminds me of some Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson shit, I was waiting for some deep vocals to pop up at some pint. Then you have “Sweet Sticky Thing” which is unfuckupable ( not a word) and the mellow on this crazy. I don’t do the contemporary Jazz sound but there isn’t much else offered in Jazz, Hip Hop truly will become what Jazz is… Still Evolve is a great album.

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