Day 10 of what I thought was hot this year

Hip Hop album: Blu & Exile: Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

Ble & Exile cover
If know me you know I think Blu is that dude on the mic. So I didn’t cop the first album these two dropped but I will trust me on that. Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them is funky, Jazzy and just different as fuck. The samples are chopped on some ill shit most of the album and Blu glides over tracks with ease. Not sure who else even listens to these dudes or this album but this shit is just in its own lane and that is saying something in Hip Hop because it’s just rare as fuck.

Hip Hop Song: Talib Kweli & Z-Trip feat. Greg Nice and Styles P: NY Shining

When I first heard this I was like “oh shit Greg Nice”. To be honest that reason alone is what made me fuck with this song. Had no idea about a Talib Kweli and Z-Trip mixtape Attack The Block, you know like the movie, no you don’t, it’s a good movie for what it is. Anyway, it’s cool to hear all three men rep NY and is really cool hearing Greg Nice back doing more than a hook.

Non Hip Hop Album: Joss Stone: The Soul Session Vol. 2

Joss Stone cover

Now that the hype over here in America about Joss Stone being white and having that sista soul thang going on she (Joss Stone) has kept doing her. “The Love We Had” cover isn’t as dope as the one Dru Hill had in 98‘ but it’s still good. It’s just feels good to hear a strong female voice and well written songs with good music. Joss Stone has been no one by her since she came in the game, and I’m cool with that.


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