Day 9 of what i thought was hot this year

Let me start by saying I forgot to post this yesertday, shit happens… Anyway

Hip hop Album: Ab-Soul: Control System

Ab Soul Control System cover

Hearing Ab-Soul on the BET Hip Hop cypher net to Kweli and Jean Grae and the fact he was nice with it made me want to peep dude out. I can’t front, overlooking some of the beats the songs do stick with you. It’s nice to know that the art of rap isn’t truly lost on the new dudes in the game. This album more than any on the list was a pleasant surprise. I guess BET is good one fucking thing.

Hip Hop Song: Wu Tang Clan: Six Directions of Boxing

One of the highlights from the soundtrack to The Man With The Iron Fists is a song featuring the Wu Tang Clan. Of course it won’t go down as a classic Wu track but to hear how ill the beat is and having them connect on a long ass song, ok no Meth or Rea or even Bobby Digital shows up… Still this hookless track touches a spot in the heart of someone who remembers just how strong this group was for a time


Non Hip Hop album: Esperanza Spalding: Radio Music Society

Radio Music Society cover

Let me say this first, do not, I repeat DO NOT LET THE COVER FOOL YOU. I saw this and figured young Esperanza said fuck Jazz and went the route of all the other artists out here, not the case at all. If anything can be said about Radio Music Society it is that it is slow as fuck. That isn’t a bad thing, to be honest it feels like a throwback almost. I was hook when I heard “Cinnamon Tree” and “ Black Gold”. The album is just mellow as hell and I’m not mad about that at all. I’m not sure if people even listen to this kind of Jazz anymore but they should.

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