Goals for 2013


For some reason I decided to check out what my goals were last year and to my surprise i only complete, hell did three things on my list. The main thing was finishing Home Sick which barely got done by the end of the year but it’s done and it’s dope by the way. As always life plays a major part in… LIFE. I did get what was needed to get done when I could.

This year is something different for many reasons.

Try to be understanding

That is already a failed goal… What once was just one or two issues have now become five.

Work on one Hip Hop Mixtape a month

The Black Friday Mix was ok, well good but could have been better. So to go along with the Sunday Soul Sessions I will start dropping one Hip Hop Mixtape a month. No trap music bullshit, if the beats are sick and the bars aren’t on point I’m not rockin it. That boils down to a lot of old shit will be rocked.

Thursday Review of albums released in 1993

I said it once that 93‘ marks the birth of S.O.N.N so to honor that I will review Hip Hop albums released that year. I will still get to other shit as well but this is my main goal.

New S.O.N.N material

I said this shit last year. If at first you don’t succeed I guess

Get ready for the move

Nope not deja vu just needing to leave to black hole. Wyoming is peaceful as fuck but the slowness makes for lazy people and when those people are young kids and teens, they’ve already set their lives in stone. I’ve never seen so many people lazy as fuck in one place.

Work on a mini Documentary for S.O.N.N

I will be putting things together soon


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