Why are people picking on Girls?


The HBO show Girls has caught some backlash for not being “diverse”. Hmmm Ok, isn’t that “lack of diversity” claim true for most of the hit shows out there that aren’t Dexter, Walking Dead, 30 Rock, and any CSI show? The problem has been there since CW canceled what shows that had with people of color. This topic comes up every two to three years and no one cares. If the television industry did care changes would have been made long ago.

The argument is there is not enough women of color on the show Girls, cool but that is the case in general. For some reason unknown to anyone CBS is the top network and you can’t find an African American female in a major role on the network. Hell outside of the cop procedural shows there is no diversity on CBS. The network hit comedies have always lacked color with the exception of King Of Queens. Why hasn’t CBS been the target for such a claim? That “lack of diversity ” was a problem with Friends and Seinfeld and any other show that was based in the city. Most of the new shows right now lack color in major roles all across the board.

Is the reason Girls is targeted because it is based in New York or because the show is on HBO and that company is known for being diverse? HBO has dropped the ball before too. Sex And The City really never stepped outside of their comfort zone and the show was a hit and they weren’t asked to add color to be PC. If this is about how today that question of “where is the color?” comes because people of color are everywhere in every economic class today, then shouldn’t that question be aimed at television in general? In the last two years many shows have focused on female leads, buddy shows with lead females, none of the females are African American. We could just ride with BET on the keeping people of color on television but it’s BET and my blackness just won’t allow me to even begin to watch the network.


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