Snoop a Jafaking?

Snoop Lion photo Snoop-Lion_zpse3c6d124.jpg

Snoop is without a doubt one of the only if not only artist from the 90‘s who has lasted this long and has dived in to the flavor of the month shit and still kept his credibility, remember he was auto-tuning before it even became the shit to do and we loved it. Well Snoop jumped into one thing too many this time. Bunny Wailer, an original Wailers member, is taking offense to Snoop Lion and his whole Reggae Rastafarian lifestyle.

I personally don’t see a problem at this point really. I think the real issue comes when Snoop grows tired of being a Reggae artist and chooses a new direction and moves on as if Snoop Lion never existed. Reggae is an extention of the Rastafarian religion, so when Snoop does stop making the music will the lifestyle too fall by the waist side? What’s really crazy is as Americans we dictated which Reggae stars blew up in America, even if they were and are the top dogs in Jamaica. Shaggy was big for a moment then with his English being good and music becoming more pop than Reggae, we as Americans left him alone. Reggae hasn’t been big in America for awhile even when Reggaeton became big, pop culture and Spanish people fucked with it harder than African Americans did. One would have thought Snoop could have helped bring the music back to the once popular place it was back in the day. I for one I grew up listening to Reggae and Dancehall music and it just doesn’t command the same audience it once did back in the day. If Snoop had brought Reggae back to mainstream would there even be any issues about Snoop Lion? To know if Snoop is just playing the part and looking to expand his brand is hard to say, I haven’t even tried to listen to Snoop Lion at all. The only way to know for sure if this too is phase Snoop is going through is wait for the next Snoop album and see where he goes with it.


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