What a season NFL, what a season

Super Bowl 2013 photo ray_lewis_win_zps911c1d0b.jpg

I didn’t see the Super Bowl and I only heard via the quarter play by play but to know The Ravens won is good news. I have nothing against the 49ers , it’s just cool to know Ray Lewis went out on top.

With all that said, this was a crazy season. I k now The Jets wish their quarterback controversy would have went well as the 49ers situation went. Yes this year seem like it really was an any given Sunday scenario. Teams like the Eagles, Lions and Cowboys all were bad, hell the NFC was up for grabs to be honest. We saw the stock of Time Tebow just drop to the point it looks as if no team in the NFL wants the guy. Let’s be real here unless you’re New England what team wouldn’t have let go of their quarterback for a chance to have Paton Manning? Still somehow the guy may end up out of the NFL. We saw the phenomenal comeback of Adrian Peterson and yes Paton Manning.

This year was such a surprise that even the rookie of the year award apparently was shocker, don’t know how but it was. The playoffs might have been the only place for some sense of normalcy as all that was wacky was set right. I personally started to ride with the Ravens once they beat Denver, I’m in Wyoming so it was even better to hear the sadness from here. It was cool watching Colin Kaepernick get his chance to shine and take that opportunity all the way to the Super Bowl.

The scandal with the Saints, Chris Culliver anti gay comments and the death of Junior Seau were low points and to have the President say if he had sons he wouldn’t be thrilled about his son wanting to play the sport were low points. And then there were the replacement refs who in my mind really helped the season become such a toss up. Imagine if those refs were calling the games the whole season how much madness they would have caused? Yes, there may not be another season like this for a few years to come, that’s if the NLF will even still be around since it’s looks to become flag football in five years. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens.

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