Not enough hours in a day

a clock photo want-4-more-hours-in-your-day_zps78bc66ab.jpg

Since I moved here in April I have been slacking many things. It is so hard to do things when you’re living with other people and have to considerate of those other people. Lost are the days of writing, listening to podcasts and making music when I feel the mood. Just looking at this blog I see major gaps where at one point there was nothing but my Sunday Soul Session mixes, even the time make mixes are far a few. At this point I’m trying to find the time to do the things I love and like to, not sure when and or if that will really happen. I try to relax or catch up on things I want to do on my off days. All that means is do the boyfriend thing which leaves everything else behind. Right now I’m just going to figure out a time to do what i want to do.


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