Sunday Soul Session: Quiet Storm: The 80’s Vol.1

Quiet Storm The 80's vol.1 photo quietstormthe80svol1_zps5ee653e2.jpg

Let’s take it back to the old school, let’s take it back when BET was giving you DMV local news and Video Vibrations came on at like 1 in the morning and was all night. The 80’s had some of the best slow jams popping. As always click here to listen


Smokey Robinson – Quiet Storm
Skyy – Real Love
Troop – I Will Always Love You
Mtume – Juicy Fruit
Tracie Spencer – Tender Kisses
Keith Sweat – Make It Last Forever
Atlantic Starr – Always
Freddie Jackson – You Are My Lady
Meli’sa Morgan – Do You Still Love Me
The Deele – Two Occasion
Rick James feat Teena Marie – Fire and Desire
New Edition – Can You Stand The Rain


2 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Session: Quiet Storm: The 80’s Vol.1

  1. Man, I haven’t heard some of those joints like “Two Occasions” in YEARS. I feel sorry for my kids because what passes for “soul” these days is both derivative and pale imitations. There ain’t no new Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes, or Donny Hathways coming along. Makes me glad I grew up when I did.

    • Yeah, I tell my girl and my peers I rarely even listen to the new artists, well the more popular ones. There are a few good acts out, most you come across by chance. Music just ins’t music now anyway

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