Does anyone know the latest on the Trayvon Martin case?

trayvon martin flyer photo travonflyer_zps8354fb6d.jpg

Over the weekend I was on facebook and saw this flyer. I saw all the likes and read a few comments and wondered how many of those people who liked and or commented even knew what was going on with the trail for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Well the last court date concerning the case was last week on the 5th of Feb. the trail itself is scheduled for June 10 and the Zimmerman defense has been trying to delay things.

Here is something I’m fascinated by, I don’t like at all, but still fascinated by it, and that it how as African Americans we love to jump on board of some “black” hot button issue. We do it all the time, You find some wrong doing to an African American and if that something becomes major, we’re all over it. What I hate is the just as predictable drop off of interest we have when the story gets cold. One the major news networks and online sites slow down or just stop updating the story we as African Americans stop caring. There has only been one story that we as African Americans followed through in my life time that I know of and that was the case dealing with the cops who beat the shit out of Rodney King. There seems to not be the same involvement with the trail. There is no Nancy Grace out there bad mouthing Zimmerman everyday on a news network like she did thew baby killer. There isn’t some one a week update either. We won’t hear about anything on a national level until the day of the verdict unless during the trail some real drama happens.

The people spending this week showing love to Martin aren’t out here somewhere making it hard for the justice system. Everything about this trail smell like a self defense plea, where are the protesters to make sure that doesn’t happen? The case is a chain of events that could have been avioded if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle like he was told. That alone is where the crime comes in, everything else is somewhat debatable. The speakers and free food or not so free food and concerts aren’t enough. What happened to Martin happens everywhere in America and the spotlight is on that situation and people are allowing it to just go away. Hell the trail has shifted from the death of a young man to who is the real victim Martin or Zimmerman… Well Martin can’t tell you what happened and witnesses have changed their stories about what they saw so all we can go by is Zimmerman. I’m not against having some sort of get together in honor of Trayvon Martin, I’m against that being the only reason for a get together. Our attention whore black figures should be somewhere making each day until the trail and even during the trail a moment of exposure. From Martin being singled out by Zimmerman because of his race to the fact that even in death he has to be proven innocent. I feel people should be making his death the story and focusing on the logic of Zimmerman. If Zimmerman hadn’t approached Martin he may still be alive and if, IF, he was some young kid with an attitude the police would have informed his parents about that. Zimmerman started whatever happened that day by getting out the car, the reason Martin was there or his attitude or who struck who who first is irrelevant. No I’m not a lawyer or even trying to be, it’s common sense and if it isn’t common sense then in the words of Joe Miller “Now, explain it to me like I’m a four-year-old” how Martin is at fault.

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