What, no Wrestling at the Summer Olympics?

ancient wrestling photo ancient-olympics-wrestling_zpse793e946.gif

Earlier this week it was reported that International Olympic Committee cut Wrestling from the Summer Olympics. Why you ask? RATINGS. That’s right even the Olympics are ratings whores and Wrestling like boxing are no longer main event prime time sports. We know for a fact here in America that is the case, any water sport got prime time coverage as well as Gymnastics. I mean I really was tired of NBC and the coverage of water sports and you the fact you had to surf the cable channels for any other sport. So what does it say when the oldest and most traditional sport associated with Olympics has been dropped? What is safe at this point?

Could the International Olympic Committee being saving themselves down the line by cutting this sport? I mean is Wrestling as a sport even popular anymore? Here in America with a generation obsessed with video games some sports will end up dying out or not have people of a certain social class involved. Wrestling in some places was like Basketball and Football to the inner city, it was an escape. Now there are video games so kids and teens easily lose themselves in that world and don’t have to suffer bumps and bruises. Even the physicality of the sport could be keep people from doing it. Bernard Pollard spoke on how he felt the NLF wouldn’t be around in 30 years because of how rough the sport of Football is. Wrestling is just as rough if not rougher. I’m not just saying people in America could be moving away from the sport but all over. The Middle East had a nice showing in the weightlifting competition, you can show strength without having to Wrestle.

Then there is the instant world we live in. The Olympics would have a better chance getting WWE type Wrestling because it’s quick and entertaining. It looks as if they’ve dropped long drawn out sports. There isn’t anything drawn out about races of some sort be it track or swimming. At one point the X Games was and may still be getting better ratings than the Olympics which is why some X Games stuff has become part of the Olympics, because the youth was more into that than something like Wrestling. If Wresting captured a young audience like it has in the past the sport wouldn’t have been on the bubble in the first place. The International Olympic Committee made a major mistake cutting an original sport, but nothing is safe in today’s world.


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