Time to put the Dunk Contest back on the shelf

All Star 2013 photo NBA-All-Star-2013_zps0b0ffacd.jpg

It’s been years since I’ve seen a dunk contest from start to finish and to be honest the one I saw Saturday night had me wondering what the hell happened. First off only 6 guys and then it was some East vs. West shit, HUH? To be honest I don’t know any of the guys in the contest and neither did anyone else , that was the main issue going in once the names were announced. My problem really wasn’t that because a great outing can make you a star, I really knew nothing about Dee Brown before the dunk contest and really after either, that win made him a star. No, my issue was the fact the guys sucked for the most part.

If the allure of the dunk contest was build by Dominique and Jordan, it was restored by Vince Carter who single handily brought it back from it’s brief death. With those three and the fact Harold Miner, Isaiah Rider and Kobe all helped make the art of dunking a must see it seems the contest has fallen into a weird odd time. Everything now is more show than anything else. The Dunk Contest looks less like what Jordan would be a part of and more of likes of Cedric Ceballos who dunked blindfolded… Yeah, remember that shit, that was his winning dunk. Now guys dunk with capes on, over people in chairs, over a motorcycle and over the hood of a car, not the car, just the hood. The first guy Saturday night had flight attendants comes out and he ran down the court just to miss the first dunk. He missed his first fucking dunk, all that setup and he missed the dunk. Hell to be honest the missed dunks were better than most of the dunks in general. Hell the Utah Jazz player made it the finals, don’t know how because all of his dunks were the same fucking dunk. He jumped over a coach, another player and a painting of himself dunking… Those were his highlight dunks. Matter of fact the dunk over a painting was corny out the gate and was just made more obvious when Nick Cannon explained “he dunked over a picture of him dunking”. Yes, that was dunk that was in the final round of the dunk contest. Maybe the dunk contest should cut out of the All Star Weekend. That Saturday Night made me sick to my stomach.

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