Goodbye Sidelines, I never even knew you

Sidelines sports bar photo sidelines_zpsd9f45656.jpg

First off let me say this is probably the most unflattering picture of Sidelines, but it was the only picture I saw on the web. I never seen the place in the day time and wouldn’t go if I s, aw it in the day time. Anyway, last Friday was the last time the Sidelines sports bar would be just that, Sidelines. It will be another country bar spot, as if there aren’t enough out here already. I’ve been to Sidelines, it was the closest thing to modern out here. The music was all the pop, trance, mindless music MTV and pop radio plays. The vibe was cool and besides the music, over priced cover charge and drinks it was a nice place. I know people for whatever reason talked about the place with negativity but it was cool for it was. If someone like myself  or from a bigger city life were coming out here to Casper that would have been the first place to recommend. I’m not sure if there are any other places out here like Sidelines nor do I care.

My girl loves to say that Casper is ten years behind and loves it. Who knows maybe that was what happened, that Casper was on par with the world in Sidelines and  Casper isn’t ready. People here hunt and go camping, nothing wrong with that all, I mean you’d have to be here to get why that would be the shit to do out here. Others spend their weekends at the Mall or Walmart as recreation time. Going in Walmart at night is like going to the club, people are really dressed to just walk the fuck around and meet and greet at a fucking Walmart.  Sidelines  made money because again if you’re young and want to be somewhere playing all new music Sidelines was the place.

It was a sports bar also, the only one out here locally owned I think because Old Chicago is down the street from where I live. So for the Super Bowl, and other big games and fights it was the place to be. All that is gone now maybe. One thing  I learned while looking into Sidelines it was supposed to be a bad place to be when it went from sports bar to club mode. It’s when all the Black people show up, all forty of them, and things get out of hand. Out of hand here is a fight here and there, again Casper is so calm compared to places I’ve been and lived before. I’m not missing out, like I said I wasn’t someone who went there often at all. I am however sad to see the one cool spot be turned into another country bar spot but there are tons of cowboys here so it does make sense. Not sure where all the DJs who play music other than old school Rock and Rap will go now, Butch’s?


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