Bloomberg fought the power and… to be continued

huge drinks photo huge-coke-japan-640x480_zps92d7c35f.jpg

Well a judge blocked the ban on the whole soda law in New York. Not sure why no one who praised such a bold move in the beginning even thought about the counter attack that would take place. As expected movie theaters, Fast Food and other places that profit from big ass cups of soda would be right there to challenge such a ban. If anything everyone keeping an eye on this situation should take notes that this is how politics work. When something that makes money for big business is in jeopardy big business pulls resources to ensure things will not change. The funny thing is those big companies usually can count on politicians and right now they’re battling against the mayor of New York. They (big business) understand what this means to block such a ban. If that soda ban passes in New York there is nothing to stop other cities from doing similar bans because of course the ban is trying to curb obesity.

One major thing that the ban and big business don’t address is the inflation. The prices for snacks at a movie theater are ridiculous. The same candy Target, Walmart and any dollar store sell for a dollar are about four dollars. So you come out better buying the jumbo drink as part of some deal meal. Same can be said for Fast Food, for about seventy- five cents I can get a large drink and fries when the sandwich itself is almost five dollars and that meal is seven bucks and some change. I’ve paid a dollar for the fries and drink each. Bloomberg can’t battle math. Obesity is one thing, the economy is something else. Most of the time people go for the larger drinks because it is cost efficient. Here in Casper every convince store has 32oz fountain drinks for seventy-five cents. The 22oz is a buck and like thirty cents. For ten more ounces I’m paying less than a dollar, who isn’t going to ride with that deal? That is the logic big business could use and may be using.

Do I think anything will happen with this ban? I’m not even sure Bloomberg will even fight hard at this point. This whole soda ban will fade away and no one will even think twice about this ban. Again it is funny how people all in the media thought this was a good thing then the block came and you saw the turn around in the media. Not many analyst were screaming foul, instead they took the side of the judge in the case. But of course you’re never really going to see news shows really attack their sponsors so the media may be happier about the block more than the companies are. If the ban wasn’t blocked you’d have to watch people talk bad about jumbo sized soft drinks and would have dodge naming names. Well the attempt to help stop obesity was there, so Bloomberg gets an A for effort. You can’t beat the machine, even if you’re the mayor of the most famous city in America.

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