Does every canceled show really need a kickstart?

kickstarter logo photo Kickstarter-logo_zps0d8ee79d.jpg

With all the hype surrounding the Veronica Mars kickstart every canceled show now seems to be in the wing to be kickstarted. Not every show is worthy of bringing back, Family Guy was lucky because the show was on cable and the ratings for the show as well as demand for the show brought the show back. I have never seen an episode of Veronica Mars but I know Kristen Bell when I see her because of the show, so it has made the star of the show a star. I’ve heard the star of Chuck was looking to kickstart that show, Chuck.

The plus side to kickstarting a movie or television show is the fact you’re going to the studios with money in hand which cuts the risk factor down for the studios. As many already know that Hollywood is making bad movies and the few great writers and directors have to play along to get movies seen, Kickstarter should allow the vision to be there. Of course that could backfire, look at how long and drawn out the Stephen King version of The Shining was. If a few of these shows that are hinting at the kickstarter rebirth actually are successful that could open the door to new hopefully better shows being developed and going on to a cable channel looking to take things to the next level or even Netflix or an upstart looking to rival Netflix. One thing for sure if a great show that can grab an audience that show will not be forgotten and if all the creators of that show have to do is call on that audience to keep that alive, some people may think it is worth it. For now we can only wait to how this turns out and if other shows will follow.


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